NASIMS Account Validation Link and How to Fix Validation Npower ID Not Found Issue

NASIMS Account Validation Link and How to Fix Validation Npower ID Not Found Issue – We will show you how to validate your account using the Npower NASIMS Account Validation Link. This will enable you validate and update your BVN and Bank Account Details on your N-power NASIMS portal, in other to keep benefiting from the Npower programme.

We will also be showing you how to fix errors you may encounter when trying to validate your account. The most common error that Npower Batch C2 beneficiaries face when validating their account is “Npower ID Not Found”, so we will be showing you how to fix this issue successfully.

Kindly read through till the end.

NPOWER NASIMS Account Validation

Kindly Note- If you have received your Npower stipend as an Npower batch C2 Beneficiary and you are also sure that all your information contained in your NASIMS portal are correct, you do not need to validate your account again.

Npower management, has begun sending the Validation Link to Npower batch C2 beneficiaries whose information are not Validated to validate it.

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NPOWER NASIMS Account Validation Message to Npower Batch C2 Beneficiaries

The validation message sent by Npower to Batch C2 N-Power Beneficiaries:

This is to notify you that we encountered issues validating the details you provided on your N-Power (NASIMS) profile. This could be due to error in data entry or in the case of your bank account, invalid/inactive account.

Kindly use the link below to validate your BVN and account details to continue maintaining your status on the N-Power Program.


NPOWER NASIMS Account Validation Link

The validation link for NPOWER NASIMS Account Validation is

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How To Fix Validation Npower ID Not Found Issue on NASIMS

  1. If you are trying to validate your account via the Npower Nasims Validation Portal and you get Npower ID not found response, what you must do is to visit your Nasims self-service portal and copy your Npower ID directly as it is and also paste it directly in the validation form.
  2. Ensure that your network connectivity is good.
  3. Ensure you are also using a trusted web browser, we usually recommend Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

If the issue continues, send your complaints to Npower team through their authentic social media communication channels for proper assistance.

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